Friday, December 12, 2008

Art (loosely) imitates my life.

I have vertigo and I also have a great friend from Finland. Tonight I'm watching a show about a reindeer with vertigo who gets help from a flying Finnish squirrel.

It's called The Flight Before Christmas. I hope it's good.

[Edit to add: The movie was cute enough, but the description was a bit off. I saw no sign of the reindeer suffering from vertigo. He only didn't know how to fly. He just had to believe in himself, ala Dumbo. Also, the flying squirrel? Voiced by Norm MacDonald and pretty funny, but there was no mention in the movie of him being from Finland. That's a strange detail to be included in the TV listing but not in the film itself. Anyway, a the kids and I enjoyed it.]


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

that's deep....really. Vertigo sucks. I hope you don't have it often.

Milla said...

Awww... I was mentioned. Yay. :D

Milla said...

Oh oh oh, and I have a flight before Christmas. Tomorrow, or well today (since it's 1:36) to be exact. :) Maybe I should use email instead of these comments thingys on your blog. :)