Thursday, December 04, 2008

My daily commute is happier than I know.

According to this overview of the Donelson area, Elm Hill Pike is a friendlier stretch of road than I give it credit for. I particularly like the bunnies in love.

(click for better detail should you so desire)


monstermash said...

Ok, I'm from Donelson and that cute little map is confusing me!

The Church faces Graylynn.

And it make it look like Coiffures and Becker's faces Elm Hill when they face Lebanon. And OMG, those stores are not on the corner of Briley Pkwy.

It's wrong, admit it.

No wonder tourists are lost!

heartbreaktown said...

Well it looks lovely.

GingerSnaps said...

Somehow it doesn't come off quite so Disneyesque whenever I drive it...

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Wow after posting my commute blog and then looking at yours, I prefer yours by far.

Milla said...

They must have done a lot of work in that area since I left. That's really not the way I remember it to be... :)

Anonymous said...

there's a becker's bakery there? is
it like the becker's that used to
be on 12th ave south that had such
fantastic cakes and such?!? if so,
do yourself a favor and go there,
get a cake, a pie, cookies, just
about anything! i used to get you
and your brother birthday cakes all
the time there and also bought pecan pies that i would end up just
eating with a spoon. becker's is a
wonderful bakery!!!

Kelli said...

And your workplace does not exist; it has been replaced by a single, light green tree.

chez bez said...

kelli: That's a very good observation. I'm surprised I didn't notice that myself. I'm the bellman of one tree hill.