Monday, March 02, 2009

Curious About Jersey

So my wife goes to New Jersey to see Bon Jovi and comes home complaining about dilapidated buildings and roads where you can't turn left. It kind of bummed me out because I was hoping to hear her tales of how TV and movies only show the tough streets and ruins while there is so much beauty that remains known only to the locals and wide-eyed tourists. Alas, I may need to go there myself one day to find such treasures.

I had a friend who was from there and I'm pretty sure she told me how beautiful the Jersey Shore was. Until I can make it up there myself, I'll just have to dig around online and see what I can find. Google Street View, Flickr, and any commenters are welcome to show me the beauty of the Garden State. Rich?


Lisa said...

well, Asbury Park is kind of full of ruins, great for photographs anyway. ;)

chez bez said...

True. I love your shots from the area.

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Jersey shore sucks. Full of obnoxious New Yorkers, cig. butts, and other misc garbage. I live there and don't go.

I also live next to Cheesquake Park. A state park. You would think it would be nice right. A state park. Well the Parkway practically runs right through it. Ahh those highway vehicles sure are peaceful while you are camping.

I'll take some pictures of my view every morning on the train and post them for you. The movies do not lie.

Anonymous said...

i have memories of living next to
NJ when i was about 10 or so. we
drove through there a lot because
daddy worked in NJ while we lived
in PA. from all those many years
ago, all i can remember was that it
was dirty and nasty. my cousin had
a house in beach haven where we
went every summer a lot. lots of
very old victorian homes that were
beautiful and huge and fun to play
in. while there, we lived right on
the beach and had a wonderful time
so if i had a choice, i would take
living on the beach over living in
the middle of the state. after 50
years, am sure things have changed
but that's what i remember. our
cousin owned a root beer factory
so we always had root beer to drink
which was cool. call me sometime
and i'll tell you all about the
family reunions we had in beach
haven. lots of love - mom