Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anywhere I Lay My Head

On the library's hold shelf await four CDs for me:
  • The #1 Baroque album [sound recording]
  • Baroque adagios [sound recording] : [over 2 1/2 hours of sublime music]
  • 808's & heartbreak [sound recording] / Kanye West
  • Anywhere I lay my head [sound recording] / Scarlett Johansson
The first two are for my son and the last two are for me. Despite so many perceived reasons not to, I keep coming back to Kanye. As for Scarlett, this record, which I prematurely dismissed on first listen, won't let me be. I realized my initial criticism was weak when I saw someone comment somewhere that the last thing we need is another Diana Krall-like treatment of Tom Waits songs. And that's no knock on Diana Krall. Her interpretation of "Temptation" is stellar and sexy as hell. But Scarlett keeps it interesting by taking familiar songs and doing something altogether different with them. For better or worse, she doesn't take the easy road.

So tomorrow is good. We're getting our carpets cleaned, I'm picking up some good discs at the library, and we'll be one day closer to that new baby's arrival. (April 14!)


The Old Man and His Dog said...

Kanye?? Awww c'mon man. And I thought so much of your taste in music.....til now. Oh well to each his own. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Hey now...Any mention of Diana Krall in even a quasi-semi- hint of negativity will cut off your beer supply for a month. Pops