Thursday, March 05, 2009

Meetings Mean Business

Bill Marriott eloquently addresses the travel industry's economic challenges in his latest post at Marriott On The Move.

From the Meetings Mean Business website:
One in eight Americans works in the travel industry. Meetings Mean Business is a grassroots campaign whose goal is to protect the millions of American jobs that depend on business meetings and events. Right now, events across the country are being canceled because of dangerous political rhetoric and media sensationalism that attempts to embarrass corporate America away from travel at the expense of working Americans. If our government is serious about recovering our economy and creating new jobs, we need a robust travel industry that supports the jobs of millions of hardworking Americans in hotels, restaurants and conference centers all around the country and empowers businesses who rely on travel for meetings, events and performance incentive programs to recover and grow.
As shared from its Twitter feed: MarriottIntl: Fortune mag names Marriott world's most admired hotel company; #1 in every category: HR, soc resp, quality, mgmt, etc.

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