Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peter Himmelman sings "Motel Room in Davenport."

This Furious World thing is just about perfect for me. For much of the 90s, I was often in the clubs to see the acts I loved so much. Working in a record store had its perks and it seemed like I rarely went more than a few days without being on some list to see some band at some club. Time has moved forward quite briskly and it's found me a bit older, broker, and working many late night hours. With a beautiful wife and children at home, my familial responsibilities keep me far from the music clubs anyway. Thankfully, I see just as many live shows now as I did back then. (Oh, how I love the Internet.)

Peter Himmelman's Furious World brings my domestic world a free, live show each and every Tuesday night. Peter doesn't have to come to Nashville and I don't have to leave my living room. I read bedtime stories to my kiddos, kiss their foreheads as I tuck them in, walk down the hall to my laptop and click a link for an hour of Peter Himmelman playing his songs for so many wombats like me. The show is expertly directed by Nice Fish Films and I hear that there's a documentary in the works.

Enjoy the music. I always do.

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