Monday, March 02, 2009

Work Is A Blessing

Work Is A Blessing, from NPR's This I Believe

(excerpted below, click above for full text and audio)

In the kitchen one Saturday before daylight, I remember complaining to my father and grandfather about having to go milk those cows. My father said, “Ya know, boy, to work is a blessing.”

I looked at those two men who’d worked harder than I ever had—my father eking out a living on that farm, and my grandfather, farming and working as a carpenter during the Depression. I had a feeling I had been told something really important, but it took many years before it sunk in.

Going to college was a rare privilege for a kid from Lakeland, Louisiana. My father told me if I picked something to study that I liked doing, I’d always look forward to my work. But he also added, “Even having a job you hate is better than not having a job at all.”

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