Saturday, March 07, 2009

"I know you from somewhere, don't I?"

My beautiful wife and I went to Darfons today for lunch and had the nicest time together. Of course, while I was listening to Paige talk about Jon Bon Jovi, I noticed someone at another table who looked familiar to me. My social circle isn't what it used to be so my first thought was that she had to be someone I knew from Twitter or somewhere blog related.

I looked her way a couple of times trying to figure out who she was. Once she looked back and we made eye contact. For a normal person this would have been the perfect opportunity to walk over and say something like, "I know you from somewhere, don't I?" But I'm me and I thought about the three scenarios ahead and I didn't like two of them. Good: "Why yes, silly. I'm so-and-so and I was wondering if I recognized you as well. How are you?" Bad: "Um, no. Are you hitting on me? Pig!" Or, "Yes you know me, and I'm offended that you don't remember my name. Jerk!" How's that for a peek into my brain?

Anyway, if you read my blog and thought you saw me at Darfons as well, let me know. I will likely wonder about this for days, or at least until I fall asleep tonight.


Kate said...

Hope you figure it out. Not everyone's as obvious as me in the library huh?

Summer said...

Oooh... that is really aggravating. You never really know what to say in that situation. I would have done the same thing and just sat there.