Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ben & Jerry's Offends The Irish

Ben & Jerry's has offended many Irish people because of a new flavor named the "Black & Tan." To the Irish, that is the nickname of the British soldiers they fought during their war of independence. I had no idea. To me, "Black & Tan" has always been the name of a very good ale and stout. But I learned something new today. Anyway, Ben & Jerry's has apologized to anyone who might be offended by it. They're all about peace, love and good ice cream.

But what I really want to tell you has nothing to do with that. The really nice news is that on Tuesday, April 25, Free Cone Day is here. (Thanks Linda for the tip. Consider my calendar marked.) Oh yeah!

1 comment:

Muffy said...

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow... I want a free cone!

Sometimes I wish they'd do it when the vandy kids are gone so the line isn't as long.

Things are just, BETTER whenthe Vandy kids aren't here. The one big thing I look forward to during the summer.