Thursday, April 06, 2006

Clerks 2 - Dante and Randal Are Back

Clerks 2 is on its way. The trailers give me goosebumps. Ahhh, I feel like it's 1994 all over again. All of the same primaries are back. The trailer made me laugh out loud. I'm giddy.

The small problem is that it looks like MGM will distribute it. Kevin Smith was looking forward to releasing it with no rating so that no cuts would be necessary. But MGM has a policy that all of its films must have an MPAA rating. And this would likely mean megacuts to this long awaited sequel. (Of course, I'm a DVD guy so I'm not too worried about it.) Still, this could at least mean a delay in its release, depending on how the screening goes with the MPAA in mid-May.

Regardless, I'm stoked about watching these same guys, twelve years older and still clerking at entry level jobs. Reminds me Only much, much funnier.

Here's the link to the Clerks 2 website.

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JD said...

Really? I'm a huge fan, so much that I stopped seeing a girl after we went to Mallrats opening week-end and she said she didn't get it, but feel the inside jokes are wearing a bit thin.

Then again, he's the guy laughing all the way to the bank so I can't say I blame him. And yes I'll cave and check it out anyway.