Saturday, April 08, 2006

Salman Rushdie's Wife

There is a nice piece on Lakshmi Rushdie in the UK's Sunday Times. Click here for the info.

She gets a lot of criticism from the literati for being young and a bit "vapid." Among her sins? She is only 35, uses "dude" a lot in sentences, is a beauty model, and listens to hip-hop.

I for one am on her side. She seems like a very bright and energetic woman with plenty of self-confidence and a bright outlook on life. And she won me over with this simple yet very honest quote: “I think that people make the mistake of thinking women are attracted to money and success, but what we’re really attracted to is men who’ve done something interesting.”


Muffy said...

She could be a physicist and NOT use the word "Dude" as much and people would still give her shit for marrying an older guy.

I liked that article! Thanks for linking!

Melhi said...

Hey, I'm just thrilled silly to read that someone who's only a couple of years younger than I am is being criticized for being so "young!"

Made my day!!!

Now... if only I could draw that same criticism (without having to ditch my man for a sugar-gramps, that is!)