Tuesday, April 25, 2006

High Point

Ever have your favorite singer-songwriter e-mail you out of the blue? Mine saw that I had blogged about him and e-mailed me to say how much he appreciated my words. You think Bob Dylan ever called my dad up back in the '60s to personally thank him for being a fan? This internet thing really does bridge the gap between entertainers and their fans.

Currently, my favorite singer-songwriter is Geoff Baker and I have mentioned a bit about him here, and here, and here. I now consider it my mission to get my hands on some of his CDs (I currently listen to him via stream on Rhapsody) and donate them to the lovely Ashley of the wonderful WRVU radio show, Alphabet (stream her latest show here and view her playlists here). She likes Nick Drake and Jeffrey Lewis and everything cool in between. I'm betting that she'd love to play Geoff Baker as well.

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Melhi said...

Wow, that was very cool of him!!