Sunday, June 18, 2006

And The Barbecue Was Good

Nashville area barbecue fans need to check out my new favorite restaurant. It's in Berry Hill and it's called Mothership BBQ. The decor is as humble as humble can be but the food is positively and simply sumptious.

For kicks, look around at the album covers that decorate the walls. I am a big time music lover, but these albums didn't register with me at all. I had hardly heard of most of the artists. But then, it wasn't my strongest era represented. The family and I had the large time and will return as often as possible. As it is - almost - on my way to work, I plan to drop in for lunch from time to time.

And the word from the blogs is that I missed out by not checking out the restrooms. Or was it just the ladies' restroom? Either way, I'm glad I was there for the maiden voyage and I look forward to watching Mothership BBQ grow. The word is out. We all like it a lot!

Now go and take a friend. And tell the proprietor that some blogger sent ya.

Mothership BBQ blog

Mothership BBQ

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