Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bye Bye Boro

10:45 A.M.

The move has begun.

Today, it all goes into the big truck.

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to three years of Murfreesboro living.

I must say, I'm disappointed in my three year old's work ethic. For every dresser drawer I carry, he carries a shirt. But I have to say that he's making more of an effort than his little sister. She hasn't done jack.

5:41 P.M.

Moving always sucks. Today is no exception. Fantastic help from Elder Son and wise MacGyver-like smarts from Beautiful Wife, and still I am getting my rear kicked by the workload before us. Tomorrow should be easier as we will have extra help and we will no longer be facing the Tetris style puzzle of fitting all of our stuff into a truck.

Back to it. More later.

10:52 P.M.

The U-Haul truck ran over me, right? I feel like it did. We accomplished what we wanted to accomplish today. (Wonder if Bush would let us borrow his Mission Accomplished sign?)

Tomorrow should be a bit easier. The physical workload should be the same, but it'll be less about strategy. Less brains, more brawn. I've got that. It's subtle but it's there. Like my bro, I've got a tall and skinny frame that is deceptively strong. Of course, all of this enthusiasm depends on me waking up in the morning able to move. If only to impress pretty girls, I always find a way to lift furniture that I wouldn't even attempt if I was alone. Since my wife has the pretty girl market cornered, I should be able to use that reserve strength to show off all day long.

Hopefully, friends will show up to help. At least today proved that Elder Son and I could carry everything we needed to in a respectable time frame. So even the addition of one or two friends will help a lot, but we'll manage just fine if we find ourselves going it alone. But friends need to note, our new apartment complex has two large pools, a jacuzzi, a sauna, and a workout facility. I look forward to sharing the amenities with friends who help me move. I'm just sayin'.

I'd update tomorrow, but it may be late Saturday before I am online again. The move might be a breeze compared to me going a day without internet access.


gnightgirl said...

Better put your foot down now, or they'll be moochin' off of you well into their kindergarten years.

Ash & Alex said...

good luck! wish we were there to help, we start moving tomorrow...

Chez Bez said...

Ash & Alex,

The lovely commenter above you lives in your general area. How about I have her help you move and you call up some of your friends in my area and have them help me move?

I'm full of weird ideas today. I think I need a nap.

gnightgirl said...

What?!! I can't keep up with this sneaky add-on blog!

First of all, I love that Wifey gets those MacGyver credits!

Second? I'm helping Alex and Ash move? TOMORROW? I have to WORK tomorrow, and furthermore, it's ALREADY tomorrow when I get the news. Fine, fine, I'll call in sick and hit the road by 7.

melusina said...

I can't think of anyone who likes moving. Well, maybe there are some people. I like the excitement of a new place, here in Greece, it was a new village every year. But the moving. Ugh. And always in the dead of summer.

This year, however, we don't have to move. So I can read stories like yours and cringe, but rejoice in the fact that this year we won't be packing up in the next month.