Sunday, June 25, 2006

Matt Costa At Grimey's Today

Be happier than me and go see/hear Matt Costa play in-store at Grimey's this afternoon at 3.

I can't make it but just linked to his myspace page from Grimey's. He's my fave find since Geoff Baker.

And remember, Grimey's is not "indier than thou." They are not High Fidelity. They are friendly, helpful, and know their stuff. They won't judge you for your taste in music. They will thank you for your patronage. And they sum it up here on their website in a response to silly reports (scroll down) to the contrary.

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melusina said...

Yay for Grimey's! I worked for one of the Grimey's dudes briefly before he opened Grimey's, when he worked at Duffelbag. All good people.

I miss such places, because there are no "pre-loved" music stores in Greece.