Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joshua's First Movie - Cars

Paige and Joshua went to the movies yesterday. In choosing what movie to see, it was decided that Cars would be Joshua's first movie theater experience. While Ari and I loped about the mall, Joshua ate popcorn with his mom and watched a really big cartoon. I'm happy to report that he loved it.

Paige shared that he was well-behaved and quite attentive. He did seem to lose interest at a couple of points ("Mommy, let's go now."), but for the most part he was happy to watch the story. He was the hit of the theatre with one exclamation. He was standing in the row, resting his arms and chin on the empty seat in front of him when the great song "Route 66" started to play. Immediately swaying to the music, he turned to his mom and suggested in something louder than appropriate movie watching voice, "Dance, Momma!" Thankfully, that cracked up those within earshot. If you gotta be loud, at least be funny.

Afterward, I was trying to think of my first movie. I want to say it was Peter Pan at the old Melrose Theatre, but it might have been something a little less classic on the cinematic map. Paige saw Lady and the Tramp when she was a kid, and she remembers all of the details surrounding that first moviegoing experience of hers.

What was your first movie?


gnightgirl said...

Mine was Song of the South, in our gorgeous Virginia theater, which is now being restored to it's original beauty.

Song of the South is considered racially insensitive today, but I was completely oblivious when I was 5 years old, leaving the theater singing "Zippity do dah" with my mother. While singing along, I turned my ankle in a pothole and sprained it. All part of my first movie experience.

AWE said...

I can't remember the title of my first movie that I went to see. I remember my Dad taking me to it. It was an old western at one of the run down theaters on a Saturday and it cost something like a dollar for each of us to get in. Thanks for this post it brought back some memories.

Svenyboy said...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! It was on for a special 'kids showing' and I was about 4. I was gripped. It's like a thriller for kids and it's still one of my favourites.