Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not The Sharpest Crayon In The Toolbox

While reading up on Diamond Dave news this morning, I came across a recent quote of his. Classic David Lee Roth wordplay wit or etymological headshaker? You decide. (Italicized and in red below)

David Lee Roth Excited Over Van Halen Reunion
(story link)

May 27, 2006 12:01 p.m. EST

Joanna Wypior - All Headline News Staff Reporter

New York, NY (AHN) - Rocker David Lee Roth, who has recently seen his morning radio show axed after unsuccessfully taking over Howard Stern's place, says he is exciting about seeing his own band, Van Halen, once again reuniting with him as the frontman.

In an interview with Billboard, Roth said: "I see it absolutely as an inevitability."

He continued: "To me, it's not rocket surgery. It's very simple to put together. And as far as hurt feelings and water under the dam, like what's-her-name says to what's-her-name at the end of the movie 'Chicago', 'So what? It's showbiz!' So I definitely see it happening."

According to reports, Roth left Van Halen in the mid-1980s and while he recorded two new songs with his former bandmates for a greatest hits package in 1996, that reunion went no further.


melusina said...

I think it means that boy's head is fried.

mapgirl said...

Wow, are you catching him on "The Tonight Show" just now? I was surfing and had to watch the train wreck. He's doing a string-band version of "Jump." Hmm. I'm a sucker for anything with a mandolin, but this is kinda bizarre because Diamond Dave is awkwardly subdued while the banjo player takes a solo. Aztec Camera did an excellent cover of "Jump," by the way, check it out if you can.


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