Saturday, June 17, 2006

Parking Cars With The Stones

The longer and more descriptive post may or may not come later. Some stories just won't be forced. But tonight I valet parked a car for a guest and as soon as I turned the key in the ignition, out from the speakers came Mick Jagger's thirty years younger voice singing "Fool To Cry."

And it was the most perfect song for me at that very minute. It took me thirty seconds to park the car and three and a half minutes to listen to the rest of the song. Not that he needs it from me, but the owner of that car - and that CD - just got cooler in my book.

When I come home baby
And Ive been working all night long
I put my daughter on my knee, and she say
Daddy whats wrong?
I put my head on her shoulder
She whispers in my ear so sweet
You know what she says?
Daddy youre a fool to cry
Youre a fool to cry
And it makes me wonder why.

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