Monday, April 30, 2007

Celebrating Good News


Leesa said...

Awesome :)

But, where's mine?

Ivy said...

Well, do we ever get to find out what the good news is? :)

Heidi said...

would that be new job good news?

chez béz said...

You're right. I interviewed better than I had figured. I'm invited to the next step - Training Class. Should be around October or so.

Heidi said...


Elisa said...

I'm super stoked for you. If you are in training in OCT, then that means you'll graduate in NOV, hold REAL line in DEC (no reserve), AND start the year out totally qualifying for profit sharing for 2008. Nice timing. And CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

such wonderful, fantastic news!!!
when you emailed me last night, i
ended up doing a little jig around
the house, i'm sure making the cats
wonder if i was indeed sane or not.
so very happy for my older son - i
am indeed so very, very proud of
lots of love - mom