Saturday, April 28, 2007

This Laptop and a Call for Help

Used space: 30 GB
Free space: 5 GB

Looks like I need to manage my space a bit better.

Save my pictures onto a CD and delete them from the hard drive? I checked the properties for My Pictures and that's only 3.2 GB.

Do I have too much music on here? Probably. I currently have about 7 GB of music in my iTunes folder. Should I compress that? If so, how?

Methinks I just need someone cool to sit down with me and help me make this laptop a faster, cooler place to play. I'm broke but not too broke to buy a helpful geek a beer.


Melissa said...

i have way too much music on my laptop too. I am always trying to take off music I don't listen to much. That's what you should do. And always make back ups of your photos. :)

Hurple said...

MP3 (or AAC) files are already compressed, they will not compress more. So, you're stuck with 7 gig of files.

But, here's an idea.

External HD for storing music files. I have a 500 gig external that right now contains 380 gig of files, after *finally* finishing up converting my CD collection.

chez béz said...

Thanks guys.

I was thinking external but wanted make sure there wasn't something simpler (cheaper) first.

Cool. External HD it is.

Anonymous said...

Hurple: Sure, that is until your next CD purchase... ;)

Hurple said...

Well, ripping one CD is easier than 2 full Can Am's, which is what I just finished.