Monday, April 30, 2007

Inspiration. Dooce-style.

I need to buy frames and make my walls look this good.

Another project for another day.


Leesa said...

I like this idea :)

I tried something like it once, didn't look as nice as this.

Muffy said...

That's funny... I was just thinking "Hmm, I wonder which wall I can paint that pretty, environmentally friendly turquoise color?"

Heidi said...

i pop into goodwill or some equivalent thrift store and pick up frames for a dollar or two. i've done something like that with my wall. i should take a photo for you.

anyway, i can tell you from watching all those hgtv design shows that there are several ways you can go to make it look good. you can make the frames so varied it looks like you mean it...and thrift store finds play right into that...or you can make dissimilar art works look like they belong together by having frames that look alike.

you can make thrift store frames look like they fit together simply by spray-painting them all the same color. or, and i don't like this look as much, you can decoupage them. there's several kinds of paint techniques you could use, actually.

oh, and there's another thing you can do: buy and cut/score your own plexiglass and bolt it together to make a very streamlined clear frame.

i should write a blog about my i'll stop there.