Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disappointed Thief, I Bet

You broke into a 1991 Honda Accord station wagon?

Empty Coke cans and dirty t-shirts strewn about?

A big hole where a stereo used to be but not for several months?

What secret treasure were you expecting to find in there?

I can't think of a single thing of value missing from my car.


Leesa said...

That really sucks :(

At least they didn't get anything.

Lynnster said...

Oh crap. I'm so sorry.

Lately I've been thinking people just do stuff like that just to do it - i.e., vandalism - and that really makes me sad for human beings as a whole.

jag said...

People are stupid.

Somebody broke into my old truck, stole my cd player but left all my cds and my Nikon in the back.

I've had lots of people break into my Jeep now (we have a lot of homeless people that wander up and down the alley) and take my change, but will leave a sweater I threw in the back, or a coat, hats, things like that. But then, I guess a hat can't buy booze.

Sorry that happened to you. Even if they don't take anything, it shakes your security for a while.

BBLogan said...

Are you SURE they didn't STEAL your stereo and leave litter all over your car?


Seriously though... glad they didn't get anything.

Blasted thieves.