Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eight Months of Twitter

Twitter: What are you doing?

I poked around TweetStats today and gazed at my navel a bit. It appears that I type out 14.8 tweets a day and that October was very busy for me as I tweeted 566 times.

The words that I most often use are: good, thanks, tonight, time, and love. Fifty-three percent of my tweets are replies to others and I reply to monstermash40 more than anyone else. (All of my top ten replies are to women. I wonder why I rarely talk to dudes.)

While I follow a lot of people who I already know from the local Nashville blogging community, there are quite a few people I follow who are not. I have no idea how I came across some of the Twitter users who aren't from around here. NellyWaits is one example of someone whose tweets are always wonderful, but I can't recall how we "met." I wonder if there's a stat for finding out who was tweeting about what when a follow was made.

Anyway, I tracked back to find my first tweet ever and was surprised that it was as recently as April of this year. I thought that I had started my account as early as June 2007 when Bad Bad Ivy was telling me about it at Flugtag. I first heard of the service when Drew of The Dawn and Drew Show made mention of Twitter on the podcast.

So it was April 2007 for me and how in the world do I have over 200 people following my tweets? Technology and trends are always so interesting to me. My first tweet is pictured below. I think it represents the type of stuff I share perfectly. Not necessarily profound, just that little slice in 140 characters or less.


Holly said...

Proud to be a follower :).

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I don't spend a lot of time on Twitter, more of a blog/Facebooker. Why do you talk to females more than dudes? Because you're so in touch with your feminine side! That's why we like you (and you thought it was cause you were macho...silly silly)

monstermash said...


You've got to share a couple more items you can get the "Married but no sex" share off the front page. I shudder when I read it.

christinajade said...

heh, i tweet about my dog, kane, more than just about anything. but i'm ok with that.


(passing cyber drink)

Milla said...

I know this has nothing to do with the post, but happy bday anyways... or did i miss it already? this time difference totally confuses me. :)

Stacie said...

I always enjoy reading your tweets!

Happy Birthday! Ihope it was a great one!

drew said...

twitter has become such a phenomenon. i looked at my first twitter post and it basically said i'd probably never post more than the one time. i guess i was wrong...