Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For My Jovi Girl

That was a close one. Several pagagraphs of woe-is-me and woe-is-us almost posted. I'll just go here instead: I love my wife. She has put up with me and all of my short-comings as if she loves me, too. I love like heck that she does that and just hope, hope, hope that I can reward her for loving me like she does someday.

We all know the drill. It's been hard as nails lately for so many families and we're no exception. She's a big time Bon Jovi fan and we're Tommy and Gina from "Living On A Prayer." "We'll make it I swear," is the famous refrain. For my lovely wife of almost seven years (August 3rd!), here's her favorite guy singing a song written by my favorite guy.


Anonymous said...

This post = seriously sweet. Bon Jovi = seriously hot.

Cool Springs said...

I saw Bon Jovi a few weeks ago in downtown Nashville. He looked friendly and was signing autographs for some women that stopped him.