Monday, July 27, 2009

"I Like Everything"

I almost gave up blogging. Instead, I'm piggybacking on someone else's post. Freaky Weasel is right. Great lyrics are great and people who say "I like everything" when you ask them what kind of music they like are full of it.

A Freaky Weasel excerpt:
The first thing I do when I hear "I like everything" is turn the radio to NPR or 92Q (for those not familiar with Nashville, 92Q is our local "urban" station. Don’t say black, you fucking racist). Suddenly, they will reveal that they do not, in fact, like ‘everything’.
No offense to those who really, really do like everything, but I don't even phrase the question like that to strangers anymore because I don't want to hear "I like everything" ever again.  Actually, what I like to hear even less is "I like everything (beat) except rap." Why does everyone have to pick on rap? There's good and bad in every genre and rap has some pretty good stuff going on if folks would just give it a chance. And to those folks who "like everything," might I suggest some Tuvan throat singing CDs to share a space on the shelf with your Kenny G and Mariah Carey discs? Or shall we lump that in with rap music as well? (Why do I pick on Kenny G and Mariah Carey? Because I am more of a snob than I should like to admit. I don't like their music, but they're incredibly sucessful at making it and selling it so they win.)

While I'm drinking, I'll add that one of my favorite song lyrics is less a lyric than a simple statement to the consumer. Jon Bon Jovi starts off "It's My Life" exclaiming "This is a song for the broken-hearted." I'd like to thank him for letting the rest of us listen to the song as well. And it's nice of him to announce beforehand that some of us might not receive it as other less happy in love listeners might. Maybe more singers should start their songs like that. It would save some people some time while really drawing in the attention of those for whom the song was written.

Anyway, three beers in and I'll stop before I start thinking I'm the next Chuck Klosterman. Anyway.

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