Saturday, June 25, 2005

Goodbye Nashville. See you in a week.

There's this place named Biloxi. It's got mothers-in-law and it's got beaches. Well, just one of each as pertaining to me. So, for the next week, I'll be wearing no work uniforms, and I might not even shave. Although, I imagine that my lovely wife will make sure that I remember to pack my razor.
I've GoogleMapped the area and have marked the important places:
a) library - because I must check my email and my favorite blogs
b) walgreens - because I need to be able to put my pics on disc and keep my memory stick clean
c) hooters - I doubt I'll go. It's just nice to know it's there
d) waffle house - it's my palate's guilty pleasure
Yep, that should about cover it. The two year old cherub will love the beach big time. We'll just do what we want, when we want. And maybe I'll go to my first casino ever. I'm getting giddy.
Anyone know Biloxi well enough to tell me what I should not miss? I welcome your comments.

1 comment:

Sam Davidson said...

Go to the casino. Just make sure you drink as much as you lose to justify the trip.