Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Sit-in Continues

My step-mother Pam.

Read up on the TennCare sit-in. There are many opinions on Gov. Bredeson's choice to cut TennCare. Many based on intellect and emotion. Was it just a mismanaged program unable to deliver on its promises? Can it be tweaked and saved? We are one of very few states with such a program. Where do our obligations to help end? I would like to think that in humanity, we will always make the choice that if we are to err, then we should do so on the side of compassion.

I am nowhere close to understanding all that I should about what is so very important to so many Tennesseans. I can only read as much as I can find on the subject. Here are some starting points: TIMC and Pith in the Wind.

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judy thompson said...

go, Pam!!!! if it hadn't been for
TennCare, my late husband (Michael's stepfather) wouldn't have been able to get all the
medicine and medical care that he
needed for his care for multiple
sclerosis as well as his other
illnesses. his prescriptions (of
which he had many) were extremely
expensive; because he had MS, he
was uninsurable. yes, we had a
certain amount of money, so we paid
TennCare quite a bit of money each
month; one of Bobby's medicines alone cost over $1200.00 each month
and other medicines cost a few
hundred every month as well.
so, i'm with you Pam, 100%. if
Bobby were still alive, he would
have lost his TennCare benefits
soon - absolutely ridiculous since
there is no way in creation that we
could EVER have paid for his
medication and doctor bills; i guess we could have, but we wouldn't have been able to eat or
stay in our house.