Thursday, June 16, 2005

I only go for the coffee bar. Honest.

"Hustler Hollywood is an adult superstore that includes a coffee bar with high-end gourmet foods and pastries." - from

Opening today in my fair city. Free pastries with the purchase of pasties maybe?


susan said...

"It's very classy."

Okay, it has the word 'Hustler' and the word 'Hollywood' in it. I think "classy" is a poor choice of words. Enjoyed your backstage take on Bonaroo, by the way.

Chez Bez said...

I totally agree Susan. Maybe it's all relative to the goings on in the rest of his world.

And thanks for the compliment on the Bonnaroo posting. I failed to mention that I had complimented the drumming in his band before I learned that he was the drummer. I felt good about that and he was very gracious and cool.