Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mississippi Blogging

Hmmm...we're a few days into our Biloxi vacation and I'm just not feeling it. It's pretty small and the Gulf is not as inviting as I had hoped. Pretty dirty water, although the sand is beautiful. Joshua is taking to the apartment pool well. Except for a few swallows of water, he's really enjoying swimming and kicking around in his floaties. And the whole purpose of the trip was to visit his grandmother, my mother-in-law, Nama. It's wonderful to take a lazy week and enjoy this family time. It's a blessing be Nama's son-in-law and I'm always grateful for her kindness and love.

But back to Biloxi. I need to explore a bit more now because this is one boring town. If it has hidden charms, I need to find them. I did have my first casino experience. It was kind of cool, but I feel no pull to go back. Granted, I know my budget so I stayed with the penny slots and people-watched. As I sat at my machine, I could actually feel my rear getting larger. (Note to self: jog along the beach at some point.)

It's now been five days since I have shaved. In true B├ęziat fashion, this means that I now look like I haven't shaved since this morning. "Whatta man, whatta man!"

More later...have fun all.

Friday, July 1:

I am growing to love this town. No way would I leave Nashville for it, but I am settling into its charm. I have explored it a bit more and will continue to do more exploring today. With my lovely wife and cherubs visiting a friend in Mobile, Alabama, Biloxi is mine to wander about with no responsibilities otherwise. Jefferson Davis' home is one option, although I am not much of a history buff. Speaking of buff, there is a nude beach nearby, but I can already envision myself nervous and wanting to shove my hands into my pockets - and finding no pockets.

I think I will head down to the beach and get some good walking in. Too bad I am without camera today; hopefully tomorrow we'll have no rain and I can take some nice pics of the area. I'll just call today a scouting day.

And tonight, at a friendly blogger's request, I will give the casinos one more shot and hit the progressive nickel slots. I hear there is some good money to be made at the progressive slots, and I could really enjoy good money. Of course, in tribute to one of the coolest movies ever made, I may play a little blackjack just so I can say "double down." I'm so money and I don't even know it.

And yes Susan, when I get home, pictures will be posted. See y'all.


BBLogan said...

Man... you gotta try the nickel progressive slots. My mom won $21,000 about two months ago on one of those things. (She's now remodeling her 50 year old kitchen) And, a year ago, my dad won $27,000. (He built a new shop... his old one was as old as our farm... 100 years old.)

I asked them how much they had to spend to win. They told me that they set a limit (no more than $50) of how much they'll bet and then bet the max at the progressive machine. They're very conservative farmers... so I know they weren't throwing tons of money at the machine.

Go for it. It's worth a slot... um... I mean... shot!

Chez Bez said...

OK OK, you twisted my one-armed bandit - I mean, my arm. If I don't win, you have to buy me one of those new fangled self-heating lattes. Yum!

susan said...

We demand pictures.

BBLogan said...