Saturday, June 18, 2005

There's a new favorite ice cream in town.

My friend Vince is from Brenham, Texas. He often would remark about the great Blue Bell Ice Cream that was famously made in his hometown. He would sometimes drive from Tennessee to somewhere deep in Alabama, just to get a taste of his storied and loved dessert. Well, around here in Nashville, we have Purity, who I always thought made the best ice cream a man could have.

About two weeks ago, I learned that Blue Bell was opening up distribution in Nolensville, TN. I waited with bated breath to have my taste of it and see if Vince really knew anything about anything. He did, after all, tell me I was going to learn to love his Houston Oilers when they moved here. So, maybe he might be onto something about this Blue Bell brand.

Vince, you should know that the good people here at Chéz Béz have tried your Blue Bell Ice Cream, and it's unanimous. It's way better than Purity and we would drive to Alabama for it too.

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