Thursday, July 14, 2005

Every Issue On DVD? For Me?

I read this twice. Just in case I missed something. Nope. It's all gonna be there. Every story. Every poem. The whole lovely thing. The only thing in my mailbox that makes me smile. Every New Yorker magazine issue from 1925 to present, on an 8-disc set. I'm still not going to throw out my stacks of old copies. Just in case.

Also, it's searchable. Meaning I can just type in "Adam Gopnik" whenever I like and everything he has written for them will be right there before my happy eyes. Same goes for "David Sedaris" and "John Updike." It'll all be there for me. At $100, it's a bargain.


charles said...

Impressive! That should keep you out of trouble for a long time.
Does it include the famous cartoons?

Linda said...

What a great find! It sounds like you're going to be one busy guy for a while...