Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You Won't Believe Your Toes!

I have joked with my wife about doing this for some time now. But I didn't know that a company really existed to do it. We have a backyard that just refuses to grow grass. Apparently, our lot is built on a big rock surface.

"Astroturf is what we need honey. Think about it. No mowing, no maintaining. And always a perfect shade of green," I say.

She just laughs and rolls her eyes, in the way that women who marry B├ęziats are known to do. And now I find this! And Paige is open to it. Now if she'll just let me paint football field lines on it. And I think she just might.


Sam Davidson said...

I call wide receiver, unless by football you meant soccer, in which case I call goalie. Let me know when the field is ready.

BBLogan said...

**BB give chez bez an Elaine shove** Shut up!

This is hilarious. You're going to start a trend... I can feel it.