Monday, July 11, 2005

The Weatherman In My House

And so it is that we are potty training the two year old. My wife thinks that this is great because we get to watch our little guy while he baby-steps toward big boy mode. I think that this is great because there is bound to be blogging material in great wealth.

Example #1. From The Mouths Of Babes:
The other day, he comes running to me yelling "potty, potty!" This is my cue to lead him into the bathroom so he can fulfill his obligations. The poor guy hadn't held it in time and now it's running down his leg as we make our way through the rooms to our final destination. He looks down at his leg, points to it, and says to me, "Uh-oh. It's raining!" Yes, I guess it is. Beat that, Dooce!

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