Friday, July 22, 2005

Rough Justice

Today at noon, WRLT introduced the new Stones song, "Rough Justice" and I was immediately happy. But in that instant, I caught myself and remembered that just about everything that they have released since Steel Wheels has bored the crap out of me. Just safe and boring excuses to go out on the road and rock us out of our cash. I prepared myself for more of the same.

And then, I got goosebumps. "Rough Justice" sounds like an outtake from somewhere in the late '60s or early '70s. (Maybe it is?) It's imperfect, lyrically bawdy, and musically grungy. Of course, this song doesn't belong in any of the arenas or stadiums where it'll be heard this late summer. If I had my way, I'd reopen the famously unventilated 328 Performance Hall for one night and have the Stones play for me and 1,000 of my closest friends.

Thanks to It's A Gas, Gas, Gas for linking to "Rough Justice" for our listening pleasure. Turn up those speakers and have a drink.

Don't listen to "Streets Of Love." It sounds like a bad Poison song.

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