Monday, August 22, 2005

Google Enhances Desktop Search

Google just keeps on rockin' me, baby. Last night, I downloaded their new Desktop Search and I am loving this sidebar that comes with it. Today, I am taking my PC to a friend's house so he cam work his magic and speed it up and fine tune it and such. And here I am installing more stuff. But I can't help it. It's Google and Google owns me. I really should buy a Google hat or t-shirt, but it's just not within the reaches of my budget right now. (Why is everything just out of my budget reach? And if that's true, why do I keep buying beer?)

ANYWAY, check out what Google's got to offer. It's a keeper.

1 comment:

melusina said...

My husband hates me because I use the word google as a verb. I can't help it!

But you just reminded me that now we have ADSL I can go peruse all that Google EArth crap. Yay for timewasters!