Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Obscured By Clouds

I made the slow, tedious drive home from work tonight. I have rain attacking me from all around, I'm choosing not to use the defroster because the last time I did I heard a bad noise (and I do not like bad noises), and my windows are open a bit so that the windshield does not completely fog up. I make it home 45 minutes later and I'm tired. I don't reward myself with sleep though. That'll come later.

For now, I have blogs to check and music to listen to. I can't quite find my musical mood though. I bounce around Rhapsody, listening to snippets from Aimee Mann, Lou Reed, and Louis Jordan. I'm not really digging anything. Finally, I think of Pink Floyd and open up their discography. And I settle on Animals, followed by Obscured By Clouds. These albums are perfect for me tonight.

And the title of the latter choice is certainly appropriate for those affected by Katrina and her Waves, who are decidedly not "Walking On Sunshine" tonight. CNN is reporting at least 54 deaths as a result of her winds and rains. My Biloxi mother-in-law is safely with us in the Boro and it's nice to have her here and near.

It's safe and cozy in my home. The family is sleeping well upstairs, and I'm sipping my green bottled Heineken and feeling quite content. "Absolutely Curtains" is closing the disc, Roger Waters and company are done for the night, and so am I.

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Mel said...

I absolutely LOVE Roger Waters! Have you by any chance listened to "Live From the Berlin Wall" with Roger Waters, where different people/bands sing Pink Floyd songs? It's one of my all time favorite cd's/dvd's. AWESOME!!!