Monday, August 29, 2005

Venti Vent

OK. I came into contact with someone today who I thought would appreciate that there is now a Starbucks at my workplace. She quickly and indignantly told me that she doesn't support Starbucks because "they don't support our troops because Starbucks doesn't support the war."

Now while there may be quite valid reasons for people to choose not to spend their money at certain places, this reason just plain doesn't fly. It is completely untrue and invalid. Nonetheless, I was not in a position to argue with her, and frankly I don't think she wanted to be proven wrong.

She felt very righteous to be out there in the field (or desert), supporting our troops by not drinking a specific coffee. Hell, this act of support pretty much puts her right on the front line, doesn't it? Wonder if she's waiting for Rummy to provide extra body armor for her Lexus while she's out there fighting the good fight? I'd hate to burst her bubble about her java line.

Oh well, I'm just here to serve. The truth shouldn't get in the way. Meanwhile, snopes has the details. Carry on, traveling saleslady. I'll wear a ribbon for you.

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BBLogan said...

Snopes ROCKS.

And, FYI: DP and I visited the new Starbucks at your workplace. It rocks to have one so close. I have plans to visit again and document the entire experience... but first... must purchase a camera phone. I want to give people the full experience of special parking and the "luxurious" setting. Watch for it next week **fingers crossed** (When my cell phone contract allows me to upgrade my phone more frugally!)