Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Ivy Is Alive!!! (And Quite Mesmerizing)

A few weeks ago, I played tourist and met some visiting family members at the Opryland Hotel. Imagine my surprise when some long, tall (and sexy?) ivy started walking my way.
I was transfixed by the strange and beautiful site. The pic with her face gently pressed to the wall is certainly my favorite.

My poor two year old son, however, had no idea what to think. Nothing in his still short life had come close to preparing him for what he saw. Can't say I blame him.


BBLogan said...

Wow. That is surreal and kinda creepy at the same time. It would have confused me, too, I think.

30Something said...

LOl, I love the Opryland Hotel. Do you ever go there during Christmas?
The ivy woman is tooo neet.. your poor son will be dreaming of her! hehe

LL said...

I loved Ivy girl, I have never seen her before but I did see a walking christmas tree there once! She was beautiful!