Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Rare Day Of Leisure

Today was my day off from work; no major tasks were required of me, at least none that couldn't be put off until tomorrow. We at Chéz Béz went to the pool and followed that by an evening at the ballpark. More days like this would be quite welcomed by yours truly.


Linda said...

We went to the Sounds game Saturday too - we sat on the 3rd base side, but I'm not seeing us in your photos... I was a little disappointed they cancelled the fireworks, but I think I got over it.

Chez Bez said...

We were on the far reaches of the 1st base side. So you'll really have to zoom in for your pretty mug.

We sat G.A. in the very top row, wo we always had a nice breeze at our backs. I don't care for baseball, so that made the day bearable. Essentially, I just played with my two year old and people watched. My favorite t-shirt sighting of the day was a dude whose said, "I Would Do Me."

And as we were leaving (early), a big bread truck stopped by and gave away free bread.(Was that redundant? "Gave away" and "free"?) So I picked up four loaves and will be having copious amounts of toast for the next week or so. Stop by for toast!

That's all.

Linda said...

I saw the same shirt! What a small world we live in. And no free bread for us, but if we did get some, I think I would have had to kidnap that big jar of peanut butter that was roaming around!

30Something said...

omg.. that is to cute!

Tish said...

Awesome! You're a Minor League fan too! I go to Tennessee Smokies games all the time! Check out the magazine cover I just created for my blog. hehehe. Btw, thanks for your nice remarks on my page. :)