Monday, August 08, 2005

OK Computer - You Need Fixing

And so it is that my computer is slow, tough to restart, seemingly missing an important device driver, and freaking me out. Lots of pictures are safely tucked away on disc, but I still fear losing recently taken pics if this old hard drive decides to fail me.

Where do I go to remedy these problems? People think I'm tech savvy, but I'm really just a caveman in a world of 10 year olds who build computers because they're bored. Do I go to my local computer repair shop? BestBuy is out of the question. But what about another recommendation? Do I have a friend who would love to tinker about with this machine? Let me know if so. I don't want to start blogging from the library. Their dresscode is stricter than the one at my home.


L said...

Oh no, you cannot be banished to the dreaded library for blogging! But I am of no help when it comes to computers all of mine are cursed.

colleen said...

what does a caveman wear to a library?

Chez Bez said...

"Whatever he wants to!"

Oh, sorry. That's a punchline to another joke.