Thursday, February 02, 2006

Go Ahead, Ask Me The Words

For two days straight, I stayed home with the young victim of a little thing called pink eye. I had fun recalling Reservoir Dogs and referring to my sweet cherub as Mr. Pink. Sadly, he didn't know the script and wouldn't repeat back to me Steve Buscemi's famous lines from that cinematic classic. Albeit, like the movie's Mr. Pink, he also will not tip at restaurants.

Anyway, from these past days of super parenting, I now can recite entire passages from Dora The Explorer episodes and the theme song is deeply embedded in my rich and wondrous mind. For those of you familiar with Dora (you poor things), you will appreciate that I went about my worknight last night as if I was in one of those animated adventures.

Thinking to myself as I worked (because doing this outloud would be entirely unacceptable), every bellrun and errand and airport shuttle trip was handled just as Dora would have handled it. "We've got to get to room #1506! How do we get there?" "We've gotta go to the red carpet, past the bar, and up the elevator!" And then I put this to music and it plays over and over.

Or my personal favorite from last night, (singing) "Where are we going? (clap clap clap) "To make some money!" "Where are we going?" (clap clap clap) "To make some money!" "Where are we going?" (clap clap clap) "To make some money!" Oy vey. I used to be cool.

With Dora and her infectious theme song refusing to release me from this infantalizing grasp, I felt comfort in knowing that I would soon be clocking out and driving home in my car. I keep my car stereo there and also a nice collection of CDs by cool people. Chris Whitley, Bruce Springsteen, Nina Simone, and Nine Inch Nails were all waiting for me. "Pick me! Pick me!," they all say. I can't go wrong with any of them. Life is good.

And with the turn of my key, I hear a weird pop come from the speakers. And then the light that illuminates from the stereo itself went black. Consensus? A wire went bad. There will be no music accompanying me on my drive home. Well, no music from the stereo anyway. The music in my head played just fine. All the way home.


BBLogan said...

YOU... crack me up. I know exactly what you mean... and I'll bet being on a Dora adventure while you worked made the time go so much faster.

On the other hand, sorry about your car stereo. I'm glad the radio in your head was all charged up.

Paige said...

I almost fell out of my chair laughing Honey!! That is hilarious. I'm sorry you are left to suffer with Dora running through your head. Unfortunately, it never goes away.......even with good stuff to replace it! Bon Jovi doesn't even help me.

Z family said...

Glad to know I am not the only one suffering from "Dora Torture". Worse still, we play the videos at work (Y Nursery); Dora haunts me everywhere I go!

Love you blog btw!

Hank said... partner and I are great friends with the couple across the street and their 1 year old daughter. She is already a Dora groupie and has her parents singing some "Dora, Dora, Dora" theme song that always cheers her up. She got a Dora the Explorer doll for Christmas and dragged her around by the heel all evening.

I found your blog through links from other Nashville's nice to know there are so many smart and witty folks here.

Take care!