Saturday, February 04, 2006

Note To Self: Wood Burns

When cooking,

a) if the pot is on the front burner, don't turn on the back burner.

b) if disregarding previous instruction, try not to have wood pot handle extended over back burner.

That's all.


BBLogan said...

Thank GOODNESS you don't have a gas oven!

Boxset said...

This too funny - I am reading this while on the police scanner, I hear there are approx 15 people rioting at a local Waffle House...
I wonder if omlets, hash browns, waffles and whatnot are flying around the resturant as I type this???

Chez Bez said...

I can see the police ordering everyone to "make like hashbrowns and scatter!"
I wonder which one it is. I go to the one by the airport frequently.

dailydiablogger said...

If you have kids, be sure to get that handle pointed toward the back as far as you can safely go without igniting it, of course. I clearly remember a girl I knew who was beautiful beyond words with the only flaw was a terrible scar from having been burnt when she was very little.

The Persian said...

LOL! Funny shit, I have done that so many times, I'm always melting something.

Found your site thru obasso.

Be good