Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year! Whatcha doing?

I'm off work tonight at 11:00 and go back in tomorrow morning at 8:00.

How will I celebrate? I'll be watching Radiohead's free webcast concert when I get home. [Ugh. I just read that the show starts at midnight U.K. time. And I am guessing that this is not the same U.K. that is playing in Nashville's Music City Bowl.]

I may also stop by here to watch the happenings of New York's Times Square. My young son and I always enjoy watching the streaming webcams of that site and have fun counting the buses and yellow taxis moving about the big city.

How are you guys spending the hours surrounding midnight tonight?


paige said...

Taking some medicine to help me breathe and then having a few drinks. Think that is a good plan? LOL

Love you!

chez béziat said...

Wait up if you can. ;)

holly said...

I won't tell you what I'm doing, as you would think I were much more pathetic than I actually feel, but I did want to wish you and your beautiful family a very happy new year. I truly admire how you live your life. You're an inspiration :).

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I will be at home trying not to worry about what my 17 year old son is doing :) In the old days he and I would watch the Animal Planet Snake Marathon (he loved snakes).

Anyhow...Happy New Year to you! Hope your family has a great 2008.

chez béziat said...

Holly: Next time you're in Nashville, come by and hang with us. You and Paige can complain about No Child Left Behind and stuff like that. ;)

Barbara: Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying not to worry about my 17 year old son either. Have fun!

holly said...

If ever I make it to meet you guys in person, I'll do my best to avoid boring teacher-speak :).