Thursday, December 13, 2007

He's The Man

Joshua made me laugh the other day. There are two doors into the kids' bathroom, one from the hall and another from Ari's room. I had locked the door from the hallway while staying home with them to avoid any more curious disasters like the one Paige talked about here.

We needed to open the door a bit later in the day and I went about the method of unlocking it by jimmying it with the inside of a pen. (It locks from the inside.) Joshua offered to help by squeezing behind Ari's bed to open the unlocked door in her room. I thanked him and said that we'd race to see who gained access to the bathroom first. He won and I thanked him again. Confidently, and with a hint of swagger, he replied, "It's the one thing I'm good at."

He didn't mean that as modestly as it sounded. He was really proud of his accomplishment. Before I could say anything else, he added with his hands on his hips, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." Indeed, cowboy.

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The Middle Child said...

I read her post, OMG, that was too funny.

Great post by the way, I love it when the munchkins say something like that, too funny!