Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't mind me. It's just the help going through it.

I can't sleep. I'm bothered by the same boring stuff. I'll spare ya. This lottery ticket in my pocket could change everything though. What are my chances again? I'm cool with that. I'm pretty sure my chances of living comfortably aren't much better by not dropping a dollar every week or so. If nothing else, buying that ticket always gives me a day or two of hope upon completion of transaction.

What's it up to now? $20M? 26? I'd drop a buck for 10Gs at this point. May as well. How about a lottery that pays you the equivalent of three days wages and puts you up in a hotel for a bit of rest and relaxation? I'd buy that too.

The bottom line is I need a better job. I appreciate my current one. I like my coworkers and the benefits are great. But a 38-year-old with a wife and kids shouldn't be doing what I do. He shouldn't be making what I make. Forgive me for whining. I promise I'm holding back.

That said, I've got a long day of work at the hotel tomorrow (today?) and this shin splint of mine is gonna cuss me with every step I take.

Thanks for reading what I throw out there. Sometimes it ain't nothing but some healthy venting.


Jai said...

Speaking of lottery:

Jai said...

That link didn't work...try this:

GingerSnaps said...

You are not alone...and it's okay to vent.


craigcastree said...

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