Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Is that Freedom Barack? Turn it up, man!"

As reported in USA Today, Jay Jay French, founding member and guitarist of Twisted Sister, is releasing a reworked version of the anthem," I Wanna Rock." A lifelong liberal Democrat, he is supporting Barack Obama's presidential bid and has now transformed the 1984 hit "I Wanna Rock" to "I Want Barack."

Before reading the entire article, I thought the reworked anthem would be "We're Not Gonna Take It," but I guess the "rock" and "Barack" interplay was just too much fun for him to resist. Maybe this opens up the possibilities for so many other liberal rockers.

Does Helix's "Rock Me" become "Barack Me"? Def Leppard's "Rock Rock ('Til You Drop)" and "Rock of Ages" are now sung as "Barack Barack ('Til You Drop)" and "Barack of Ages"? Will the Scorpions rework their big hit and sing "(Here I Am) Barack You Like A Hurricane"?

Anyway, don't you love that old commercial for Freedom Rock? We, the former students of Franklin High, spent way too much time in 1987 quoting that one in the hallways.

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