Monday, March 31, 2008

She's Chatty Cathy at 1 A.M.

Even the dumpster outside agrees. It must have a child whose eyelids are open just as my daughter's are.

It's nighttime but my night owl daughter is wide awake.

I've read to her and I've sung songs for her. I've rocked her gently in my arms and we've talked about her day.

Nothing doing. She won't go to sleep.

Poor daddy. Poor dumpster.


Barbara - Layla said...

I hope she doesn't' have insomnia as a lifelong thing...its not very fun :(

onward and upward! said...

Have you tried warm milk? With a shot of benadryl? Just kidding on the later. My son was up last night with the thunderstorms. I feel your pain.