Sunday, March 23, 2008

"It all doesn't seem very Easter-ly, does it?"

A bit timidly she turned to me in the hotel elevator and asked, "What group is this in your hotel this weekend?"

She looked to be in her early 50s, was dressed quite conservatively, and not quite sure about all of these tattooed individuals she saw in the lobby dressed in black and heavily pierced.

"It's a tattoo and horror show convention, ma'am," I replied politely. "Most of these folks are tattoo artists who own their own studios."

She still looked a bit worried. Hoping to put her fears to rest, I added, "A lot of them are really quite nice."

She thought about this for a minute and said quietly, "It all doesn't seem very Easter-ly, does it?"

It occurred to me later that I could have replied thusly: "I don't know. I bet they can paint the hell out of an Easter egg."


julie said...

That would have been good. Totally true. Can you imagine their kids? "Just DIP the egg DAD!! It's 2:30 in the morning!!!"

Happy Easter Michael!!

Anonymous said...

one of the guys there gave me my 2
love - mom

GingerSnaps said...

I thought the same thing until Ron said to me: "But Jesus was the first zombie!"

Then I reminded him of Lazarus. Then I remembered the little girl Jesus raised from the dead...

So Jesus was the third zombie! That's Eastery! :)