Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beziats in the news: American barbecue has French ambassador

By Cheryl Arvidson

LAUZERTE, France -- In this picturesque and historic village in Southwest France, Rene Beziat is a man on a mission. He is determined to introduce his countrymen to the joys of American-style barbecue, one festival at a time.

This is no small task. The French take second place to no one when it comes to food, with an abundance of locally grown produce and meats and cheeses to die for. They have a strong tie to tradition when it comes to what food they like and how they like it prepared.

"You cannot tell a Frenchman what to eat," Beziat observes.

When it comes to meat, the French may say they "barbecue," but that really means they cook sausages and steak on a standard grill. The idea of smoked meat is a concept that does not really register with the average Frenchman -- at least not yet. (Click for the rest of the article.)


lindalaw said...

Considering that the local (Nashville area) Beziat's are not known for their culinary skills...the article was quite fun.. However; my suggestion to the Beziat from France is this:
"honey....if you want to taste real have to travel a little further to the big T... TEXAS....and while there...taste the MExican food too.... yummmmmy!

Monsieur Barbecue said...


One day, I will take you up on this suggestion ... I missed the Houston BBQ a couple of years back.
My American barbecue saga started in Texas when talking to David Klose ... it's just a matter of opportunity and time !