Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wherein I explain the brand new, made-up word, "gall-blogger."

A blogger friend made mention of her gallbladder the other day and for some reason the non-word "gall-blogger" came to mind. Looking for a reason to justify its existence, I offer the following:

I offered to my lovely wife today that she could buy me one of two possible gifts for Father's Day this year. I suggested that either an iPod docking station alarm clock or an external hard drive for the laptop would be a perfectly useful and wonderful gift from her to me.

Now there's nothing wrong with this at all, except for the sad fact that for this year's Mother's Day all the poor woman received from yours truly was a card. This is where I imagine some of you are saying, "Can you imagine the gall of this blogger?"

To be fair, that external hard drive really would be a gift for us though.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Cool new banner ya got here Beziat.

I have a better get your wife something SHE wants AND you get the external harddrive (which you will love, I have so much room on mine its not even funny)

kate said...

Hey, how many women don't get even a card? And without you, she wouldn't BE a mother (which is always my father's excuse for why he shouldn't have to buy a gift)

Of course, that would apply for your father's day gift as well. Damn, I tried.